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Domain Authority Checker Tool

Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority is one of the SEs signals to measure the rank of any website. This is a scale of points ranging from 0 to 100. This tool will help you to find about 20 website domain authority at once. You can check more than one website authority in our bulk domain authority checker tool. This tool is very useful for your network. In order to check on by one you can add all your website in this tool and it will show you all website domain authority in just couple of sec. Bulk domain authority checker tool allows you find the domain authority in the website for bulk URLs. Domain authority of an website is usually in between 0 to 100. With the help of domain authority, we can easily calculate the value on the website.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a competitive metric of your site against other websites. How your site will perform alongside other sites in the search engine that will lead to its ranking position is what is determined by domain authority. Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz to rate site performance on a scale of 1-100. In which case, the rating goes from the least (1) to the most (100). Domain Authority is a domain weight ranking on the search engine overall strength. Domain weight is the sum of many factors, including the type of the domain name, history, original content, links, relations. Generally, edu (education), gov (government), org (nonprofit organizations) domain name rights in the search engine important than the general domain.

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