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A valuable practise in the eyes of search engine is to correctly configuring our website redirects. It is very important that when a search engine comes to crawl your website it is able to follow any redirects you have set up. To check website redirect you must use www Redirect Checker tool. With the help of our www Redirect Checker tool, you can quickly determine whether you have set up a Search Engine friendly redirect or not. Many of us can lose out valuable search engine traffic due to incorrect configuration of redirects, so it's vital that we pay attention to this matter. Redirect or URL redirection is way too send different URLs to the users and the search engines from the one or same source from which they are requested.

There are redirects which are made in various directories to various external websites. Usually search engines are cheated by some redirects, so the website owner or the web developer must know that which type of redirection is used to their website. So for example, a user inputs domain-name.com into his browser, this browser like Google Chrome will send him to domain-name.com. And when that request reaches your server, this particular redirect will tell this browser that the right website address is www.domain-name.com. But then, you can also set this redirect up into another way, which will then be sending users from www.domain-name.com to domain-name.com.

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