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Online screenshot generator tool enables you to generate the screenshot of the web page. This is very simple to use tool. You have to just put your url from the box and submit. Do you want to get a screenshot of a website? Here is a free online website screenshot generator to grab a thumbnail of any site. Note this tool will only generate the thumbnail from the home page of any given site's URL. Our Website Screenshot Generator is a handy utility if you need to take a quick screenshot of any webpage.

A screenshot or snapshot is nothing but an image of the contents displayed on a computer or mobile screen. So, simply put, the Website Screenshot Generator takes a snapshot or photograph of the contents of any URL on the World Wide Web, without you actually having to visit it. The image is an exact photographic replica of the contents of the defined URL. The image is displayed with the additional option of saving it to your local hard drive. It is an easy-use tool with the help of which you can take the screenshot of any internet site. You don’t have to go through the complicated process of saving the screenshot on your device; you just have to check this tool and get your screenshot readymade

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