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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool are used to convert dynamic URLs into search engine friendly links. These search engine friendly SEO static URLs generally rank better in search engines and can attract more traffic as they always look more friendlier to the end users. The URL Rewriting Tool is a useful tool that generates URL addresses which are shorter and much better optimized. The URL Rewriting Tool coming from SEO Equipment assists you to spin and rewrite the powerful URL. It is rather versatile and easy to use. The powerful URL spinner equipment employs Apache's modern rework component to transform extensive facility compelling URLs into online search engine helpful interference HTML URLs.

Static URLs are widely known as URLs that are quickly indexed by search engines. Although, there is another type of URL know as Dynamic URL, which is less indexed than the latter. Static URLs are also much easier to use. The primary function of URL Rewriting Tool is to help change Dynamic URL into Static URL, which is preferable than the other one. With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to make your website search engines friendly and make your website have more benefits over others. Our URL Rewriting Tools allows you to turn your long dynamic URL into a shorter one. This tool quickly generates static URLs with a single click. Simply paste the URL into the box and press 'Submit', our URL Rewriting Tool will instantly provide you with a shorter and static one.