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URL Encoder - Decoder

The URL Encoder - Decoder tool helps you encode or decode a specific text, as you wish. Free Online URL encoder/decoder tool to URL Percent Encoding and Decoding. This tool is really help full for developer now a day. You have no need to encode URL for some purpose manually. Now you can encode an URL automatically. This tool also decode an URL. If you get an encoded URL you can easily decode it using our tool. Uniform Resource Locator specification only accepts a small set of character for Writing URL. By using this tool in the right way, we can write the URL to confirm that the URL specified standard (RFC 1738) is met.

URL Encoder

The percent-encoding term is used to refer the URL encoding. URL encoder is a mechanism which encodes information under some specific circumstances in a uniform resource identifier. URL encoding is mainly used within the uniform resource identifier in which both the resource locator and resource name are included. It is used in submission of HTML data form in HTTP requests.

URL Decoder

While using URL encoder there is no need to decode the value in your script. An automatic decode will be performed for you. During adding special characters to the parameter of your URL you must have need of our amazing free URL decoder or encoder tool. You need URL decoder where you want to convert all the encoded URLs into their original script of URL. The most commonly used URLs are the decoded URLs so that’s where you need that amazing tool presented by SEOtoolsengine.

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