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Reverse IP Domain Lookup

Reverse IP Domain Checker helps you to link the IP address of your website and it will show you all the websites that are linked to the same Domain IP, this is highly beneficial for shared hosting. Also this tool will flag any risky or problematic webpages that might be linked to the same IP address. Having the tool to know what other websites are on the same servers or sharing your IP address is very crucial to Search Engine Optimization and search results and rankings. Our Reverse IP Domain Checker is a tool designed for those webmasters who are using shared hosting services. This tool displays all the other websites that share your IP address and checks for any malicious content on them.

Most new webmasters use shared hosting as they start this also means you are using a shared IP address. This means that if another site on your shared hosting is involved in any activities that search engines may find suspicious (Hack, Crack, Porn, etc..) Search engines may penalize the IP address of the site this means you would also be penalized for having the same IP address. Reverse IP lookup tool is the easy way to find the following two details:

  1. IP address of a any domain
  2. List of all domains hosted with that IP

This tool works very smoothly and fast to determine all of the websites using same server or IP to yours. This tool first scans your website and identify the server or IP address connected to it and then analyze all other domains using the detected IP address and display all the domains which are configured to your server/IP address.

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