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The MozRank Checker is one of the most used tools online in terms of determining a website’s ranking and presence online. MozRank is the latest in terms of finding out how popular a website is. MozRank checker tool for checking Domain Authority (DA) you can also check your domain authority from our saprate tool, page authority you can also check your Page Authority (PA) from our saprate tool and moz rank. With the help of this Mozrank control tool you can check for a website’s DA, PA and Moz in one click, which helps you in analyzing a website on various parameters.

What is MozRank?

Mozrank measure from 0.00 (no value) for 9.99 (high value) depending from backlinks of the webpage and linking websites quality. Good websites with many backlinks which linking your page give highly value of mozRank. This is a popularity score given to any website and is updated regularly, with scoring ranging from zero to 10. For instance, websites with zero score means that this website isn’t popular, but those with 10 MR score means that this website is the most popular. Experts reveal though that an average MOZ rank of three (3) is good for a website. MozRank represents a link quality score. It shows the importance of a specific web content on the web. Sites acquire MozRank by the quantity and quality of different pages that link to them. The upper the standard of the incoming links, the upper the MozRank.

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