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Link Price Calculator

The Link Price Calculator gives you an approximate price for any site you have in mind. You can enter up to 100 URL's and find out what is their real value. The most recommended and most demanding tool in the field of Search engine optimization. In the SEO, one must need that Link Price Calculator to get the estimate of how much he should charge after specific time period of creating a text link ad. This is needed where someone asked to advertise his ad on your website. You can now calculate the link price with the help of this tool. You must know how much you should charge or pay for your text link ad and has every month with the help of this tool. Link price calculator makes an accurate computations based on the factors that really matter for advertisers such as Alexa ranking, the age of the site as well as backlinks and other services as well.

Our tool will help you determine the approximate amount you should pay a monthly (or charge) text link (ad) specified URL. Factors to be considered, such as the number of backlinks, Alexa Traffic Rank, site age. Link Price Calculator is a tool used to approximate the value of marketing and advertising in different types of website links or advertising. The Link Price Calculator tool is a very straight forward tool that will help you determine the value of your website or a website that you are planning to invest in. This tool is linked to a database that evaluates the approximate dollar value you should be paying or charging for the text link.

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