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The Link Analyzer is a tool very important to the Search Engine Optimization strategy of your website. The purpose of this tool is to identify and list anchor text, inbound and outbound links as well as internal links between pages of the website in question. Looking for links that direct to your website in a manual method can be very difficult and exhausting. With our Link Analyzer Tool, looking for your inbound and outbound links will be much faster. You can find all of them within a few seconds. To improve the traffic and ranking of your site, you need to get some search engine optimization works done. One of the most effective ways to increase your site traffic is to make sure to provide quality inbound links to your site.

Our Link analyzer free tool will help you keep track of the number of internal, external, NoFollow/DoFollow links on your website and will list all of them in a easy way for you to read. We believe that the Link Analyzer is definitely one of the best SEO tools because backlinks are very important for website ranking and results. This Free Link Analyzer breaks down the outgoing and incoming links of any URL of a website. It provides complete information on total internal links, external links, do follow links and no follow links found on a website. Just type the URL of your site and press Enter. Our tool will crawl the site, and provide complete link analysis report in a matter of seconds only.

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