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Speed up your web pages. Safely reduce the size of your html code, javascript and css files, make your websites load faster, reduce mobile transfer costs and optimize storage on embed systems. The online HTML Compressor is used to compress HTML code by removing unnecessary white spaces, line breaks, tabs and other extra objects. Results in highly compressed HTML. The tool also shows the savings you got by compressing your HTML. The HTML Compress tool shortens HTML codes and shrinks HTML files by removing tab spaces, replacing double spaces with single spaces, deleting text line breaks and other unnecessary objects that take up space.

HTML, along with JavaScript and CSS, is one of the most basic programming languages. It has been used for a very long time, and is extremely common even today. In fact, it is one of the main languages from which most of the websites are built. It would be safe to say that HTML is, in fact, one of the basic pillars of the World Wide Web. HTML compression means the codes are compressed by removing unnecessary thing like spaces, brackets, line break, tabs, etc. It is a method used by the web developer to reduce the HTML codes. They use HTML Compression tool for this purpose.

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