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DNS Lookup, Nameserver Lookup Search for name server and DNS record information for domain names using our free tool. If you have a very complex website then you have to add DNS records. You will get information about Name, TTL, Class, Type and details of each record added to your domain. If you’re researching about competitor sites for instance, you may want to find as much information about them. This is not a bad thing nor it is spying. You can make use of the Find DNS Records if you would like to find the DNS records of several websites so that you would know of their name servers and other records.

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What is DNS?

DNS is the Domain Name System. Computers can only communicate on the network such as IP address "" and the like, but does not recognize such "" like the domain name, therefore, we want to make the network can be easy to remember domain name the understanding is required between the domain name and the network has a "translation", it translates domain names into IP address of the network can be identified, it is this role DNS plays. What a phone book is to a telephone, a Domain Name System or DNS server is to the internet. In other words, the DNS server is a storehouse of domain names which get translated into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses everytime somebody wants to access a particular website. This translation is aided by DNS records. They are mapping files that tell the server which IP address corresponds to which domain on the World Wide Web.

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