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This tool is needed to check whether there may be unauthorized access and inspection of email or you cannot. The emails may be accessed inside an unauthorized way when an e-mail is in transit or when it's stored on a message server or perhaps a device. The Email privacy checker is an instrument that checks email on your site page and shields the website admin from email privacy issues and give you email security. Whether you desire to utilize your e-mail account for individual or organization objectives, it is crucial that you have a dual layer of defence from cyberpunks. Right here are some means just how to maintain your email privacy.

Many webmasters provide their email openly on the ‘contact us’ page of the website. It is true that every user always looks for emails of any website for an easier way of connecting, but emails should not be provided openly on the site as many users use it on illegal or spamming purposes. However, many times, emails can be added to the contact us section without the express knowledge of the webmaster. We have created the very important and essential tool for SEO – Email Privacy. The Email Privacy tool consists of a single field and a “Submit” button. Enter the URL of the website you want the email address for. On “Submit”, the results display the status and email address(es) of the webmaster. In some cases, the status will mention “No Email Found!” This does not mean that there is no email address linked to that particular site, but only that it has been encrypted for security purposes.

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