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The Domain Hosting Checker allows you to find out within seconds the IP and host of a specific site. Our tool can help you to know the hosting company of the your website. Sometimes you may be wondering who is the hosting provider for your favorite website. Here is a free tool to check the hosting company of any given domain name. A simple tool that provides the IP address and hosting provider for any domain name.

The hosting of any website is compulsory and you should have awareness that who is hosting that particular website. For that purpose, there is no need to go anywhere else or of any programming skill or of any software. Who has hosted the domain on which your websites is launched in the internet? The toll will help you to gauge the name of the domain and or URL and automatically check the web hosting company as well who have registered. This help to share the important details about the company who have hoisted their respective website with the particular domain. So get to know when the domain will expire and check out the license from time to time with this tool.

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