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A major factor in page ranking is the age of a domain. The older the domain the more trustworthy it will appear in search engine algorithms. Whether you are just checking the age of your own domain, analyzing a competitor site, buying a new domain or looking for relevant information on a site(s) to advertise on, domain age is a key factor and it matters. Extremely fast domain age checker. This rank seo tools domain age checker tool helps you quick find out domain registration date, expiration date and name of registrar. If you want to see the drop date of any domain name (the date you can hand register it), then use Domain Drop Date Checker tool instead.

Search engines give more credibility to most experienced and old websites and index their web pages faster than the newer one. Domains having age more than a year attract more users and confidence to their website. We can say that Search engines respect old aged domains and domain age matters for ranking because new websites receive only new visitors while the old websites receive old and returning visitors also. So, keep domain age in your mind while starting your online business. To determine the rank of a website, one of the biggest factors that is used is the age of domain. Usually, older websites have more experience to boost their credibility in a similar way that domains which have been registered before one year makes your website more stable. More the age of domain, it will be beneficial for getting it in the search results of a search engine.

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