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Broken Links Checker allows you to analyze your website for any broken links. Broken webpage links can very harmful for your site and lower your site goodwill. Link Building is almost always the most tricky and challenging part, but also the one most important key to success. When a link takes you somewhere else instead of taking you to the original website or the link shows a 404 error message. It means that the link is broken. There are various causes of a broken link. Broken links are unfriendly for users of your website and can hurt your repute. It makes sense that having a number of broken links of a website is generally referred as “link rot” as it is as pleasing as that sound of the phrase. Use our broken links finding tool to rapidly find any broken links so you can resolve any flaws instantly. It is as simple as entering URL of your website and clicking enter.

How to see broken links?

You keep on building content on your website. Sometimes you want to change the URL appearance and sometimes you delete or replace the content. This activity of yours can cause and produce the broken links. So, whatever the reason is, a dead URL is a broken link of your website.  This tool can easily help you analyze all the links in your web page and find out which links are broken, which links are live. Just input your URL into the box below then click on "Check Now" button, it will automatically detect your Web page all the links. Rank SEO Tools has created this Broken Links Finder Tool, which will quickly locate all broken links on your website and will also show the URL of the page which is giving a 404 error message. Just enter the URL of your site and click on the 'Submit' button. This tool will crawl your whole website and will neatly display the results in a chart form, showing you both the Status Code and Status of every page.

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