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Blacklist checker tool you can lookup any expire domain you are planing for purchase. You need to check expire domain first in this tool for any spam server listing. If some spam server listed domain don't try to buy these type of domain. This amazing Blacklist lookup tool is designed for our users to check if their website is involved in any spam activity. Sometimes during the SEO of your website, some high level website has report for your activity and then your domain will be listed in the spam database. This tool will lead you to check the status of your website if it is clean from spam or not. It is all in one tool and gives the complete details of the IP address of your website.

With the help of this tool you can check if your IP address is present on anti-spam database. The internet service providers and web servers consult the anti-spam lists which are related to spamming. However, it does not mean that you are concerned with unwanted activity. It can be that someone who was once assigned the IP address was associated with spamming. An IP address that is blacklisted can get blocked and appear in several blacklists. Check if your IP address is flagged in any blacklist using this tool. Blacklist Lookup helps you find out if a site is blacklisted or not. Being blacklisted will dramatically reduce your chance to promote your site in good conditions.

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